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There are not many cruise lines that specifically offer cruises only for singles, also known as solo travelers. However, cruising as a single traveler is still quite fun and doable.

A negative aspect of being a single passenger in the cruise industry is that as a single you're not using one Singles on Cruise Dancingof the beds in a room that the cruise line could potentially fill if there was a second passenger in your room. Because of this they tend to charge single passengers a fee known as a single supplement. For example, a single passenger may have to pay 200% of the typical cruise rate that would be paid if two people were in the room. This results in a much higher per person cost for a single passenger. Don't panic though! Some cruise lines charge less than the 200%, and some even have special programs to match singles in a room together so that they can save money.

Here's a list of the major cruise lines that offer deals for single cruisers:

Costa Cruises
Select Costa ships doing Europe itineraries offer single occupancy cabins where you do pay a supplement, but it's less than the typical 200%. During your cruise there will be meet-and-greets for single passengers.

Cruise West
There are a bunch of deals available for singles onboard Cruise West. On the Spirit of Columbia and Spirit of Alaska single passengers in a category B or C stateroom are able to travel at the double occupancy rate. On the Spirit of '98 and Spirit of Discovery there are cabins available for singles at a surcharge of the single price.

Cruise West has a Single Share Program where single passengers can book into a single-share cabin in an eligible category, in which you're guaranteed to travel at the double occupancy price. Singles in Cooking ClassThe specific cabin may not be assigned until you board the ship, and you may even end up alone in the cabin if they can't match you up with someone else. Single-shares are always between people of the same sex.

Crystal Cruises
Super-luxury Crystal Cruises is one of the most popular choices for single cruisers. This is because Crystal offers single rates as low as 125% of the double occupancy rate on select sailings, in addition to the fact that Crystal's ships are quite large with plenty of people to meet and mingle with while onboard. Another plus for most single cruisers is that Crystal has an assigned dining setup, rather than the open-seating setup that most of their luxury competition has. Assigned dining gives you the chance to dine with the same people on each night of the cruise, giving you the opportunity to get to know each other better over the duration of the cruise. There is also a great onboard enrichment and learning program during each Crystal cruise, known as the Creative Learning Institute. This program features classes in a number of areas, including arts & entertainment, business & technology, lifestyle, wellness, and wine & food.

Cunard Line
For ladies that are traveling alone, Cunard employs Gentlemen Dance Hosts to join you for a dance. Unfortunately the only Cunard ship that has single occupancy cabins was the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2), which is no longer with the fleet. This means that single passengers must pay 200% of the double occupancy cruise rate, unless Cunard runs one of their rare specials for singles (during which they offer a rate cheaper than the normal 200%).

Holland America Line
Early during each Holland America cruise, there is a Solo Travelers party for single passengers to meet and mingle. They also host a variety of mixers, cocktail parties, exercise classes, wine tastings, cooking classes, enriching lectures (on select cruises) and games for singles. On most of Holland America's cruises that are 30 days or longer they employ Social Hosts to single women guests for dinner and dancing (if the guest wishes them to). If ySingle Passenger on Holland Americaou request it in advance of your cruise, Holland America will make every effort to sit you with other singles during dinner.

Holland America has a Single Partner Program, for single passengers that agree to share a stateroom with another non-smoking guest of the same sex. Each of the passengers sharing the room get the benefit of being able to pay the double occupancy rate. If the cruise line cannot find a partner for you, you still get to only pay the double occupancy rate). The Single Partner Program is not available on Grand Cruises. Holland America also has select sailings and stateroom categories where they only charge 150% of the normal rate, rather than 200%.

Seabourn Cruise Line

This luxury cruise line offers special single occupancy rates, as low as 100% to 125% of the double occupancy rate, where the cruise line selects your stateroom (guaranteeing you to have at least a category A suite but not letting you know your stateroom number until roughly 30 days prior to departure). These special rates are in limited availability, so it's highly recommended to book early if you want to get this deal.

Silversea Cruises
Single fares are available on all Silversea cruises. Supplements range from 10% to 100% above the double occupancy rates, based on sailing and suite category. These special fares are capacity controlled and are subject to availability, so make sure you book as early as possible if you want to get them.

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