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Not surprisingly, holiday cruises are among the most popular types of cruises to take. Whether it's during a national or religious holiday, each ship tends to sell out quicker (and price out much more expensive) than usual.

Why is a holiday cruise more expensive? Because of the extremely high demand Decorated Royal Caribbean Shipfor such cruises. Kids are out of school, so many families tend to take their vacations during these times. Because of this, it's recommended to book a holiday cruise farther out in advance than normal. Christmas, New
Year's and Thanksgiving cruises in particular are often booked by people at least a year in advance!

Holiday Cruise Tips

Book in advance!
Typically, holiday cruises sell out way before the actual departure date. This is especially true for suites.

Pack small gifts to give to your family!
It's a great way to bring an extra smile to your loved ones and is sure to add to the fun and memories of your vacation.

Make sure you're happy with the itinerary!
For example, if you're going on a Christmas or New Year's cruise and would prefer to be onboard the ship during Christmas or New Year's day, make sure that your cruise itinerary has a day at sea planned for that day. If you're prefer to be in port during that day make sure that the port of call that you'll be at is not going to have every store and attraction closed for the holiday, as that may ruin your plans.

Answers to Common Questions about Holiday Cruises

Is a big party made on New Year's eve?
Yes! If you're onboard a cruise ship during New Year's eve get ready for a really great celebration. There should even be an exciting, champagne-filled, countdown to the new year.

Do they decorate the ship for the holiday?
Yes! Most cruise lines will really make the ship look festive. Most ships are particularly decorated for Christmas, with various ornaments, Christmas trees, lights and greenery throughout the ship.

How does everyone dress on New Year's Eve?
It really depends on the cruise line. Most cruise lines make New Year's Eve a formal night, so on such a cruise most people will be dressed up pretty nice.

Will turkey be served for dinner on Thanksgiving?
It will be on most major cruise lines. They'll serve a full Thanksgiving meal, with all the trimmings.

What is done for Hanukkah onboard a cruise ship?
Usually, during the eight nights of Hanukkah, there will be a nightly menorah-lighting ceremony. Some ships will serve traditional food and drink, including kosher wine, challah bread and potato pancakes, at dinner during the holiday.

What are the most popular holidays to take a cruise?
Christmas, New Year's, Easter, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, President's Week, Spring Break, Teacher's Convention Week, and throughout the summer (since kids are off from school generally from late June through late August).

Information listed on this page is not necessarily true for all cruise lines. Please verify with the particular cruise line you're interested in prior to booking your cruise.

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