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Each year, more and more gay and lesbian travelers are choosing a cruise as their next vacation. As such, the cruise industry has become quite gay-friendly, featuring companies offering chartered "gay only" cruises and various onboard gatherings (such as Friends of Dorothy meetings) for gay and lesbian passengers during non-chartered cruises.

Friends of Dorothy

Many major FODS cruise lines (such as Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines and Regent Seven Seas Cruises) now have informal Friends of Dorothy meetings onboard their ships. There are also some cruise lines that do not automatically plan such gatherings, but will hold them upon the request of its passengers. For those of you that are wondering what Friends of Dorothy is, it's actually formally known as the Friends of Dorothy Society (or simply the fods by those familiar with it) and is a society for the members and friends of the gay and lesbian community. These gatherings are a great way to meet and mingle with other gay and lesbian passengers onboard your cruise.

Gay & Lesbian Travel Companies
There are many companies that specialize in gay and/or lesbian travel, many of which feature special chartered cruise ships for the gay and/or lesbian community. Among these companies are Atlantis Events, Olivia, R Family Vacations, RSVP Vacations and Travelpride. Because the cruises offered by these companies is limited (relative to the demand), they can sell out quite fast. Because of this it's recommended to book them way in advance. Also, please be aware that the prices of a "gay only" chartered cruise through one of these companies is almost always more expensive than a non-chartered cruise of the same ship and itinerary (since you're paying a premium for the company arranging the trip).

Atlantis Events is one of the world's leaders in gay and lesbian travel. They offer both chartered cruises and all-inclusive resorts. They are fairly wellAtlantis Events known for attracting a party-loving crowd, consisting of quite friendly people. Atlantis typically chooses to charter larger cruise ships, from the world's most famous cruise lines (such as Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises), but aAtlantis Eventslso features intimate, luxury cruise ships on occasion (such as those of Azamara Cruises). Besides its all-gay cruises, Atlantis also features all-inclusive resorts in Mexico (in tourist-friendly cities such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta). The crowd that books an Atlantis vacation package is typically half singles, half couples. Age-wise there is a concentration of guests in their early 30s to early 50s, but a wide range of ages is noticeable. Most of the guests taking part in an Atlantis Events vacation package are male, as only about 5-10% of their guests are women. For more information about Atlantis Events please click here to view their website.

Olivia provides travel packages for lesbians, including chartered cruises, resorts and urban vacations. In fact, Olivia is the largest promoter of lesbian travel in the world. The cruise ships typically selected by Olivia for their cruises are luxurious ships (such as those of Holland America Line, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Windstar Cruises) doing exotic itineraries (such as the South Pacific, Mexican Riviera or Caribbean). Olivia also offers river cruises on occasion. For more information about Olivia click here to view their website.

R Family Vacations, established in 2003, has become quite well known because of the publicity it has gained from one of its founders (Kelli O'Donnell) being the partner of famous entertainer Rosie O'Donnell. R Family offers a very family-friendly product and usually charters a large cruise ship (such as those of Norwegian Cruise Line). For more information about R Family Vacations please click here to view their website.

RSVP Vacations, in operation for over 20 years (and aquired by Atlantis Events in 2007), exclusively provides its customers with specially chartered cruises for the gay and lesbian community. RSVP offers cruises on both large and small ships, on cruise lines including Holland America Line and Norwegian Cruise Line. For more information about RSVP Vacations please click here to view their Travelpridewebsite.

Travelpride Gay Vacations (founded in 2003) offers a few all-gay cruise vacations each year. They always usually choose small, intimate, luxurious ships for their vacation packages, such as those of Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Windstar Cruises. They try to stay away from the large mega-ships that some of their competition tends to steer towards, and focus on providing cruises with interesting itineraries. For more information about Travelpride please click here to access their website.

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