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Past Passenger Programs: Venetian Society

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Silversea Venetian Society

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The Venetian Society is Silversea Cruises' past passenger loyalty program. Please see below for Venetian Society member benefits.

Venetian Society Benefits:

Members-only savings: After your first Silversea cruise, you begin accruing Venetian Society cruise days and are eligible for special 5-25% members-only savings on select sailings. The savings available on these voyages may be combined with Advance Payment Bonus or Early Booking Incentives and Combination Cruise Savings. Based on the number of days sailed with Silversea, members are entitled to additional savings and even complimentary cruises.

Complimentary Cruises and Additional Benefits: To thank Venetian Society members for returning to Silversea, guests who have sailed 100 days or more receive a 5% savings on any future Silversea cruise. Members who have cruised 250 days or more receive a 10% savings on future cruises. When members reach the 350-day level, Silversea rewards them with a complimentary 7-day cruise. At the 500-day level, a complimentary 14-day cruise is awarded. After the 500-day milestone, members earn a 7-day cruise for each additional 150 days sailed. Additionally, guests who have sailed 100 days or more receive complimentary laundry service throughout their cruise.

Referral Rewards - Silver Sponsor Program: Silversea offers Venetian Society members substantial cruise savings for introducing non-Venetian Society guests to sail with them. As a Silver Sponsor, members are awarded a 5% savings on a future cruise which can be applied to any voyage after the friend sails (or when you're traveling together). Sponsored friends receive a valuable savings bonus of $1,000 per couple ($500 per guest) off select voyages. There is no limit to the number of friends that can be referred, or additional 5% savings received. This offer is combinable with Advance Payment Bonus, Early Booking Incentive, Silver Advantage Savings and Venetian Society savings programs.

Friends of the Society® Programme: Introduce your friends to Silversea and they will also enjoy special privileges and savings. When your friends sail with you, as a sponsoring Venetian Society member, you will receive bonus rewards including a USD $250 per suite Onboard Spending Credit on designated Venetian Society voyages and the opportunity to earn double days on all voyages.

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