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SeaDream Yacht Club

SeaDream Yacht Club

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General Information

SeaDream Yacht Club

Chairman & CEO:
Atle Brynestad
Ships in Fleet: 2
Year Established: 2001
Corporate Location: Miami, FL
The SeaDream Yacht Club Fleet
Destinations & Itineraries
Onboard Experience
Past Passenger Program
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SeaDream Yacht Club Overview
SeaDream Yacht Club is a family owned company that was created in 2001 by the founder of Seabourn Cruise Line, Atle Brynestad, and Larry Pimentel, who was President of Seabourn (and later became President and CEO of the merged Cunard-Seabourn companies). Upon the establishment of their company they purchased two existing sister ships, Seabourn Goddess I and Seabourn Goddess II (and renamed them SeaDream I and SeaDream II). Both ships underwent renovations after the change of ownership. Pimentel served as CEO of the company until January of 2009, when he resigned. This resulted in Brynestad assuming the position of CEO for SeaDream.

SeaDream offers a very unique (and upscale) cruising experience. They refer to their ships as yachts, and stress that they provide 5-star cuisine and service in a resort casual atmosphere. This means that you do not need to dress formally, yet still get top quality dining and service.

SeaDream calls their product "all-inclusive." This is because beverages, shore excursions, and tips are all included in their cruise pricing. They go by the slogan "It's yachting, not cruising," to give you an idea of what type of product they are offering.

There are no interior staterooms onboard SeaDream's ships. All of the staterooms onboard SeaDream's ships have an ocean view (without balconies). In addition to that, all of the SeaDream staterooms feature flat screen TVs, a CD/DVD player, a hair dryer, a safe, a dataport for e-mail and internet access, and a refrigerator.

SeaDream Cruise Destinations
SeaDream's mega-yachts can be found in the Caribbean from November through April, and in Europe from April through November. Accordingly, there are also a few transatlantic sailings available on their ships. In addition to that, there are a few South America sailings available onboard SeaDream II.

Since the SeaDream yachts are small, they are able to fit in exotic and rare ports that larger ships cannot manage to reach. As such, the itineraries that SeaDream is able to offer are very nice and attract experienced travelers seeking new destinations.

Onboard SeaDream Cruises
SeaDream explains that while on a SeaDream cruise you'll experience "Casual Perfection." This refers to their resort casual dress code onboard their ships. This is described as comfortable clothing and footwear for port visits, and casually elegant resort wear for evenings.

A signature SeaDream event is their Champagne & Splash™ event. This involves flowing champagne toasts and caviar served shore side, along with an elegant beach barbeque (served on china).

Each of the SeaDream ships feature Balinese Dream Beds. These are very popular double sun beds, raised above the sightlines of the ship's railings, to give you an excellent view. There is even a turndown service at night, for those guests that would like to sleep under the stars. Another popular onboard night activity is SeaDream's Starlit Movies™. They feature a concert or movie (on clear nights) at the pool deck, via a very large screen.

Both SeaDream ships have a retractable Water Sports Marina, in the rear of the ship. This is where you can take part in a variety of water sports activities, such as watercrafts, kayaks, tubing, banana boats, snorkeling, a floating island, and swimming.

There are various other onboard activities to participate in. For instance, there is a casino onboard each ship. It is small, but it will do the job. The SeaDream spa is excellent. There are many Thai therapies available, in fact, the SeaDream spa is Thai certified. There are also various Aromatherapy treatments available. There is a state-of-the-art Golf Simulator onboard each SeaDream ship. These simulators feature 30 award winning golf course simulations.

Dining is in an open setup, stressing the casual atmosphere onboard the SeaDream yachts. The SeaDream dining experience has won numerous awards over its relatively short existence. Breakfast and lunch are served in the Topside Restaurant, while dinner is served in the Dining Salon. During the day, fresh sandwiches are available at the Top of the Yacht Bar. There is also 24-hour room service available.

The average age of a SeaDream cruiser is mid-forties, but there are a decent amount of traveler's in their 30's, 50's and 60's as well. SeaDream markets the fact that each of their ships will fit 55 couples, giving an impression that their ships are geared for couples.

SeaDream Past Passengers
SeaDream Yacht Club's past passenger program is the SeaDream Club. As a member of the SeaDream Club you will have access to special savings, cocktail parties, priority waitlists, and more. View our SeaDream Club page for additional details about this special program.

SeaDream Yacht Club Fleet
There are two cruise ships (also called yachts) currently in the SeaDream Yacht Club fleet.

SeaDream I

SeaDream I
Inaugural Year: 1985
Most Recent Refurbished Year: 2002
More Info on SeaDream I
SeaDream II

SeaDream II
Inaugural Year: 1985
Most Recent Refurbished Year: 2002
More Info on SeaDream II


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