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General Information
Pres. & CEO:
Barbier Gonzalo Chico
Ships in Fleet: 3
Year Established: 1971
Corporate Location: Madrid, Spain
The Pullmantur Fleet
Destinations & Itineraries
Onboard Experience
Past Passenger Program
Links to Pullmantur Ships:

Overview of Pullmantur
Pullmantur was first formed back in 1971 as a travel agency. In the 1990s they established Pullmantur Cruises when they chartered their first cruise ship, SeaWind Crown from (now out of business) Premier Cruises. They haven't looked back ever since! In fact, today Pullmantur is Spain's largest cruise line. They have been growing at a particularly fast pace recently, very much with the help of their new owner. In 2006, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. purchased Pullmantur S.A. and affiliates. As a result of this purchase, over the past few years a few former Royal Caribbean (Empress, formerly Empress of the Seas, and Sovereign, formerly Sovereign of the Seas) and Celebrity Cruises (Zenith) ships have been transferred into Pullmantur's fleet. During that same period of time, two of Pullmantur's ships (Blue Dream, now Azamara Journey, and Blue Moon, now known as Azamara Quest) were sent over to become a part of the Celebrity Cruises fleet (both which now make up the Azamara Club Cruises fleet).

Pullmantur primarily markets their cruises toward Spanish speakers; however, international passengers are more than welcome. In fact, the staff speaks English and printed materials (such as menus) are available in English. Pullmantur is particularly well known in Spain for being a great vacation value, offering affordable all-inclusive prices (with alcoholic beverages included - a rarity in the mainstream cruising world).

The 2008 addition of Empress to Pullmantur's fleet provided them with their largest ship yet. Ironically, Empress was the smallest ship in Royal Caribbean's fleet at the time of her departure. Currently, Pullmantur charters Zenith during the winter to Brazil-based Viagens CVC.

Pullmantur Cruise Destinations
The majority of Pullmantur's cruises are Mediterranean cruises, but they do offer a limited selection of cruises in the Baltics (Northern Europe) and Caribbean.

Onboard Pullmantur
Mostly being former Royal Caribbean and Celebrity ships, the Pullmantur fleet features a wide range of things to do onboard. From large show lounges, featuring nice nightly shows, to casinos, swimming pools and spas, the Pullmantur ships offer quite a bit (at a nice value).

A definite Spanish influence is evident in Pullmantur's dinner setup. They offer an assigned seating format, with an early seating at 8:00 pm (typically around 6:00 pm on most other cruise lines) and a late seating at 10:15 pm (usually around 8:30 pm on other lines).

Being an "all-inclusive" product, Pullmantur does include alcoholic beverages in the pricing of their cruises. This is an excellent value that allows for a carefree style of cruising. Although they consider their prices all-inclusive, gratuities are not included.

As previously mentioned, since this is a Spanish cruise line that markets primarily in Spanish-speaking countries, the majority of the passengers onboard will be Spanish-speakers. However, there will be a small minority of English speaking passengers on some cruises (since they do market in Northern Europe). As such, the printed materials (such as menus and daily schedules) are available in English, and the crew does speak English.

Pullmantur Past Passenger Program
Pullmantur does not currently have a past passenger program in place. This is subject to change, so check back with us every now and then.

Pullmantur Fleet
There are currently 3 ships in the Pullmantur fleet, including Empress (formerly a member of Royal Caribbean's fleet), Sovereign (another former Royal Caribbean ship) and Zenith (formerly a part of the Celebrity Cruises fleet).


Inaugural Year: 1990
Most Recent Refurbished Year: 2008

Inaugural Year: 1988
Most Recent Refurbished Year: 2008

Monarch - COMING SOON!
Expected Launch: April 2013

Inaugural Year: 1992
Most Recent Refurbished Year: 2007


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