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Pearl Seas Cruises
Cruise Reviews
Pearl Seas Cruises

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General Information

Pearl Seas Cruises

Charles Robertson
Ships in Fleet: 1 (not sailing yet)
Year Established: 2008
Corporate Location: Guilford, CT
The Pearl Seas Fleet
Destinations & Itineraries
Onboard Experience
Past Passenger Program
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Pearl Seas Cruises Overview
Pearl Seas Cruises, an offshore affiliate of American Cruise Lines, Inc, was originally expected to launch their first ship in August of 2008. However, due to a delay they are now expected to launch her in July of 2009. Pearl Seas will be competing in the small ship luxury segment, and they say that they will have very spacious and fast ships, equipped with the latest technological advances in the cruising industry. They plan to set themselves apart from their competitors by offering a small ship that has very modern amenities.

Typically, the small ship cruise world offers older ships that lack some of the more modern features. Pearl Seas Cruises plans to do away with that stigma by offering sleek ships with large staterooms and many of the features that are only found on larger cruise ships. For example, staterooms will feature flat-screen TV's, internet access, DVD players, and upscale linens and nice bath amenities. Dining is planned to be set up in a single seating format.

The first ship in the Pearl Seas fleet, Pearl Mist, will feature 108 staterooms, accommodating over 200 passengers. Staterooms, all suites with private balconies, will range in size from 302 to 580 square feet. Pearl Mist was originally expected to debut during 2009, but that didn't work out after a statement was released by them citing "deficiencies recently discovered during sea trials, quality issues and construction delays." Currently the ship is expected to debut in May 2010. A sister ship was originally expected to eventually join Pearl Mist, but such plans have been cancelled for now.

Pearl Seas Cruise Destinations
Pearl Seas plans to feature a variety of itineraries during their inaugural season (in 2010). Itineraries will include Canada & New England, Caribbean, the Great Lakes and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Bahamas will be available as a destination, starting in 2011.

Like many of their competitors, the Pearl Seas ships will be small enough to travel to ports that larger ships cannot typically reach. Their cruises will range will length between 7 and 14 days.

Onboard Pearl Seas Cruises
Pearl Seas Cruises has indicated that their (six-deck) ships will have all of the onboard amenities expected on a modern cruise ship, such as a spa and fitness center, a well-stocked library, multiple observation areas, a sports and exercise deck, an elevator to all decks, six lounges and internet service throughout the ship.

All of the accommodations onboard the Pearl Seas ships will be oversized suites, all with private balconies and large opening picture windows. The 108 staterooms onboard each ship will range in size from 302 to 508 square feet, depending on the particular room and category.

Pearl Seas also plans to have historians and lecturers onboard their sailings, providing an enrichment program for their guests. They plan to have informal lectures, open discussions and various activities throughout each cruise. These experts will also lead various shore excursions, providing guests with a in-depth experience of the regions being visited during each cruise.

An upscale dining experience is expected onboard the Pearl Seas ships, featuring various cooked-to-order regional specialties. There will be one restaurant onboard each ship, and dining will be in a single-seating format (which is quite common in the small ship cruising world).

Pearl Seas Past Passenger Program
Being that Pearl Seas Cruises is a brand new company, there is no past passenger program in place yet.

Pearl Seas Cruise Fleet
For the time being, the only ship in the Pearl Seas fleet will be Pearl Mist (when she debuts in 2010).

Pearl Mist

Pearl Mist
Expected Launch: May 2010
More Info on Pearl Mist


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