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Past Passenger Programs: MSC Club

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MSC Club

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The MSC Club is the past passenger program of MSC Cruises. You have to sign up for the MSC Club to become a member. You earn points for each MSC cruise you go on, and reach different memberships levels as your points accumulate. 1 point is earned for each night onboard an MSC cruise. Please see below for MSC Club membership benefits.

MSC Club Benefits:

There are 3 levels in the MSC Club: Classic, Silver and Gold.

Classic Level Benefits (up to 21 points)
● Welcome cocktail
● 5% discount on excursions
● 5% discount in all onboard boutiques*
● 5% discount on all cruises**

Silver Level Benefits (between 22 and 42 points)
All Classic Member Benefits, plus:
● 8% discount on all cruises** (instead of the 5% discount a Classic member gets)
● Silver brooch

Gold Level Benefits (43 points and over)
All Silver Member Benefits, plus:
● 10% discount on all cruises** (instead of the 8% discount a Silver member gets)
● Gold brooch (instead of the Silver brooch a Silver member gets)

* Discounts are applied only on purchases over 5 €.
** Discounts are valid on Retail and Early Booking rates only. Discounts are not applied on July, August, Christmas, New Year's, Easter and Carnival Cruises.


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