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May 13, 2010

Princess Cruises Adds New Traditional Dining Seating Time

Princess Cruises, one of the world's leaders in cruising, has announced today that they will be adding a new, earlier dining time to just about all of their cruises. Passengers that are currently booked on a sailing that offers this new dining time can contact their travel agent, or the cruise line (if they didn't book with a travel agent), to request a move to this Princess Cruisestime. Please keep in mind that Princess Cruises also offers Anytime Dining, for those that would prefer not to have an assigned dining time. In all, Princess Cruises offers one of the largest varieties of dining options in the cruising industry.

Here's the press release issued by Princess Cruises regarding this news:

As part of Princess Cruises' continuing commitment to service, we're pleased to announce the addition of a third Traditional Dining seating time on most voyages. The new seating time is in response to the high demand we've received for our popular Traditional Dining option, and as the Consummate Host®, we're happy to accommodate our guests and travel agent partners.

The new seating time will be in a separate dining room at either 5:15 pm or 5:30 pm depending on the voyage. The only voyages not offering the third seating will be on our small ships, or those sailing in Australia. Below is a chart outlining the Traditional Dining seating times for each ship:

Ship Traditional Dining Seating Times

Grand/Diamond Class
Grand Princess
Golden Princess
Star Princess
Caribbean Princess
Crown Princess
Emerald Princess
Ruby Princess
Diamond Princess
Sapphire Princess
5:30 pm (NEW)
6:00 pm
8:15 pm

Coral Class and Sea Princess
Sea Princess (non-Australian voyages)
Coral Princess
Island Princess
5:15 pm (NEW)
6:00 pm
8:15 pm

Small Ships
Ocean Princess
Pacific Princess
Royal Princess
6:00 pm
8:15 pm

Sun Class
Dawn Princess
Sun Princess
Sea Princess (Australia voyages)
5:30 pm
7:45 pm

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