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April 8, 2009

MSC Cruises Sells MSC Rhapsody, Oldest Ship in Fleet

MSC Cruises has announced that they have sold MSC Rhapsody, which was their fleet's oldest ship (being built in 1977). MSC RhapsodyThis move furthers MSC Cruises' ongoing youth movement. The 812-guest MSC Rhapsody was recently refurbished (in 2004), and was one of the smallest (at just over 17,000 tons) and least feature-filled (no balconies) ship in MSC Cruises' fleet.

MSC Rhapsody was primarily marketed towards Europeans, so the U.S. consumer-base was not heavily affected by its departure from MSC's fleet. Guests that were booked on upcoming sailings of this ship have been assisted by travel agents and MSC Cruises to find a replacement cruise.

MSC Cruises has indicated that MSC Rhapsody will be leaving their fleet immediately, but they have not announced what company this ship was sold to.

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