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March 6, 2009

Passenger Injured on Gangway of MSC Fantasia

It has been reported that an elderly male passenger of MSC Cruises' MSC Fantasia was injured while on the ship's gangway. Strong winds (about 110 km/h) in Palma de Mallorca caused the gangway to collapse while the gentleman was walking on it. This was caused by MSC Fantasiathe winds separating the ship from her moorings. Crew members immediately dove into the water to help the man. The passenger is currently hospitalized in Spain after suffering a head injury.

There was no significant damage done to the ship during this unfortunate, and very rare, event.

MSC Fantasia is a 133,500-ton ship, with a capacity of 3,300 passengers (based on double occupancy). This ship just debued this past December and is the largest and youngest ship in the MSC Cruises fleet.

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