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November 15, 2008

Nationwide Travel Agency Shuts Doors & Leaves Clients Without Cruises

Cruise Value Center, one of the largest online travel agencies, has abruptly closed their doors. There is a sign on the front door of their East Brunswick, NJ location that states that they are "temporarily closed" and are not accepting bookings. However, a source that asks to remain anonymous has disclosed that they have fired their entire New Jersey staff without prior warning, with no indication of future employment available.

In addition to that, there is a message on their website stating that "If they (the cruise line) have your deposit and you have been charged on your credit card but the Cruise Line has not received the final payment… then call your credit card company and “dispute” the charge. You may receive your money back and you can pay the Cruise Line directly." This message was put up there because many clients have been left in the dark, without a cruise or having to pay a second time in order to keep their cruise. It has been reported that Cruise Value Center had not paid $2 to $3 million in customer's money to the cruise lines, leaving many customers without reservations being properly paid. Cruise lines are working with customers to help them figure out what is going on with their reservations.

Jeff Kivet, former owner of Cruise Value Center (who up until the closing of the agency was still affiliated with them as a consultant) has said that he is "sick about what happened." Kivet recently sold the business to Travel Holding Entity, which also owns Cruises of Distinction, a Bloomfield, MI based travel agency that was merged with Cruise Value Center.

Phones and e-mails are not being answered at either agency. The company's president, Richard Smith, has been unavailable for comments on these events.

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