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Senior Citizen Discounts

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Some, not all, cruise lines give special pricing discounts to senior citizens. Most major cruise lines consider a senior citizen someone that is 55 years of age, or older. Costa Cruises considers people to be seniors at 60 or older.

This possible discount is why when you're pricing out a cruise many travel agents (and web sites) will ask if anyone is a senior citizen - they're trying to find you the best deal possible, not prying!

Here's a list of the cruise lines that give senior citizen discounts:
Azamara Cruises
Carnival Cruise Lines
Celebrity Cruises
Costa Cruises
Norwegian Cruise Line
Royal Caribbean

Remember: Senior citizen discounts are not available on every single sailing of the cruise lines listed above. Each line runs senior citizen promotions on select sailings, so look out for such deals when pricing around. Also, keep in mind that when you initially book your cruise there may not be a senior citizen rate available, but later on it may come your agent and ask if there is one before making your final payment (as rate changes usually cannot be done once your balance has been paid). Please keep in mind that senior citizen discounts, when available, will only apply to the staterooms that each qualifying senior citizen is staying in.
Certain special promotions and coupons may not be combinable with the special military rates. Don't lie about your age to get a senior rate, as you will be required at the pier to show proof of your true age (such as a valid driver's license with photo ID and/or a passport).

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