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Only certain cruise lines offer world cruise itineraries. Included in this group is Crystal Cruises, Cunard Line, Holland America Line and Princess Cruises.

World cruises come in a variety of lengths. A true full world cruise is typically anywhere from 77 to 131 days in length. For those that do not have the time or money to participate in a full world cruise, partial segments are usually available for purchase. These shorter segments can be as short as 12 days in length, depending on the particular cruise line.

Most cruise lines offer special benefits to those that purchase full world cruise sailings. For example, some cruise lines may give you all or some of the following: pre-paid gratuities, complimentary shore excursions, wine, complimentary first-class airfare and luxury transfer services from your home to your local airport. More limited benefits may be available for those taking a shorter world cruise.

Being able to take a world cruise is typically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; however, there are a few avid travelers out there that are lucky enough to be able to repeat this amazing experience.

World Cruises
Cruise Reviews
World Cruise Reviews

Popular departure ports for World cruises:
Fort Lauderdale (Florida) , Hong Kong (China), Los Angeles (California), New York, Singapore, Southampton (England), Sydney (Australia)

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