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South Pacific

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The South Pacific is composed of a vast range of tropical islands, in the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian Islands are sometimes considered a part of this group, but are separated into their own section on this website - click here for information on Hawaii cruises.

Within the South Pacific you'll find beautiful bays, lagoons, and amazing white-sand beaches. There is also a very unique local culture, with a rich history for you to explore.

The most popular cruise destinations in the South Pacific include Tahiti, Bora Bora, the Cook Islands and Moorea. Most cruise lines feature a limited amount of ships that sail in the South Pacific. Cruises to the South Pacific typically leave from ports in the US (such as Los Angeles and Honolulu), Australia, New Zealand, and even from ports within the South Pacific itself (such as Papeete, Tahiti).

The South Pacific is a very popular vacation destination for honeymooners. This is because of the romantic atmosphere and tropical weather. Experienced travelers also find the South Pacific a popular destination, as it is usually not the first (or second) place someone travels to (because of its relatively remote location).

The cruising season for the South Pacific is year round, since the weather is always warm there.

South Pacific Cruises
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South Pacific and Tahiti Cruises

Popular departure ports for South Pacific cruises:
Auckland (New Zealand), Honolulu (Hawaii), Los Angeles (California), Papeete (Tahiti, French Polynesia), Sydney (Australia)

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