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South America

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South America offers rainforests, rare wildlife, beautiful beaches and a culture rich with history. From world-famous cosmopolitan cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, to historic landmarks like Machu Picchu ("The Lost City of the Incas") and the breathtaking Iguaza Falls, South America is an exotic, diverse and interesting vacation destination.

Are you a nature lover? Well, then a South America cruise is an excellent option for you. South America is the home of the Amazon rainforest, one of the most beautiful spans of land in the world. The Amazon is filled with tropical birds, the highest waterfall in the world and much more. Also located in South America are the long stretching Andes Mountains.

The Galapagos Islands, located to the northwest of the main South America land mass, are the home of the most diverse range of rare creatures in the world. A typical Galapagos cruise is expensive, because of the high demand and low supply to this area.

The South America cruising season is year round, with April to November being the more popular time to go. Taking a cruisetour in South America is a popular option, taken by those with the time (typically 15 to 21 days in length) and extra money to do so (as cruisetours tend to be on the expensive side).
South America Cruises
Cruise Reviews
South America Cruises

Popular departure ports for South America cruises:
Buenos Aires (Argentina), Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Isla Baltra (Galapagos Islands), Isla North Seymour (Galapagos Islands), Manaus (Brazil), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Santos/Sao Paolo (Brazil), Valparaiso/Santiago (Chile)

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