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Mexican Riviera

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Destination Overview

A Mexican Riviera cruise is a very popular vacation choice, especially for those that live near the West Coast of the United States (because of the convenience of the departure ports being rMexico Cruiseselatively close to home). With the increasing number of cruises available in this area, as well as the fact that the cruising season there is year-round, Mexican Riviera cruises are becoming increasingly popular each year.

The Mexican Riviera, also known as the "Gold Coast," is on the west coast of Mexico and has a slew of activities and attractions to offer tourists. For instance, there are thousands of miles of beautiful beaches, great shopping opportunities, sport fishing, fantastic art and culture to see and experience, and many historic villages, churches, and buildings to visit. There is also a nice variety of interesting wildlife throughout the Mexican Riviera, including dolphins, sea lions, whales, and a wide variety of tropical Fish. While on a Mexican Riviera cruise you may have the opportunity to sail where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. The Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California, is a body of water that separates the Baja Peninsula from the Mexican mainland.

Mexican Riviera cruises vary in length. 3-, 4-, 5-, 7- and 8-night Mexican Riviera cruises are the most common, but longer cruises are sometimes available. Most Mexican Riviera cruises utilize a Californian city as an embarkation port, most often being Los Angeles, Long Beach or San Diego. There are a limited selection cruises typically available from San Francisco as well. The shorter cruises are great for those that don't really have the time to get away longer than a few days, or for anyone that's looking to get a taste of what cruising is all about. Longer cruises offer guests a more enhanced vacation experience, as they are typically offered on larger and newer ships and feature much more detailed itineraries.

Cruise Lines in the Mexican Riviera
Among the leaders in Mexican Riviera cruising are Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines, both offering year-round cruises in the Mexican Riviera. Royal Caribbean currently features 7-night cruises on Mariner of the Seas, the largest cruise ship homeporCabo San Lucasting on the US West Coast, as well as shorter cruises on Radiance of the Seas. Carnival features a few ships in the Mexican Riviera, including shorter cruises on Carnival Elation and Carnival Paradise, as well as week-long cruises onboard the new Carnival Splendor.

Other cruise lines that offer Mexican Riviera cruises during select times of the year are Norwegian Cruise Line (Norwegian Star and Norwegian Sun), Princess Cruises (Sapphire Princess and Star Princess) and Holland America Line (Ryndam, Oosterdam and Veendam).

Popular Ports of Call
Among the many port of call in the Mexican Riviera, the most popular and often featured include Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan.

Cabo San Lucas is an upscale resort town, often where the rich and famous can be found vacationing. "Land's End" (a series of rock formations) is one of the most famous attractions in this area, located where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Acapulco, one of Mexico's most well known resort destinations, offers breathtaking cliff diving shows, as well as great beaches, restaurants and nightlife. Puerto Vallarta is a historic city with nice beaches, as well as a great downtown area that's filled with shopping, bars, restaurants and fabulous sculptures. Mazatlan is known for its deep sea fishing, water sports, beaches, resort hotels and beautiful weather.

When's the Best Time To Go?
The cruising season in the Mexican Riviera is year round, making it quite a popular vacation destination. However, a few cruise lines opt to feature cruises there only from September through May, as they move ships into Alaska during the late-spring and summer.

The "best time to go" really depends on Cliff Diveryour priorities. If you're a price-driven consumer, then you'd want to stay away from mid-June through mid-August Mexican Riviera cruises. The prices during those times are typically higher than the rest of the year because families travel more while kids are out of school. Not surprisingly, the pricing of Mexican Riviera cruises is better during the times of year that families don't travel as often, so the "off season" for cruises in this region is generally considered to be mid-January through mid-February, mid-April through May, and from September through mid-December (excluding Thanksgiving week).

As far as temperature in the Mexican Riviera goes, it really depends on the particular city being referenced. For example, the average high temperature in Acapulco (towards the north of the Mexican Riviera) does not fluctuate much throughout the year, as it's generally in the high 80s (°F). However, in Cabo San Lucas (at the south of the Mexican Riviera) the temperature varies quite a bit. The winter months (such as December through February) can be in the mid-to-high-70s (°F), while the summer months (such as June through September) are typically in the mid-90s (°F). At times, it can get too hot and humid for some people during the summer.

Popular departure ports for Mexican Riviera cruises:
Los Angeles (California), Long Beach (California), San Diego (California), San Francisco (California)

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