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Canada & New England

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Canada and New England are grouped together because they are usually visited at the same time on a cruise. The Canada portion of this section specifically refers to eastern Canada. Western Canada is sometimes visited on an Alaska cruise. Go to our Alaska Cruises page if you'd like information on cruises in that destination.

The cruising season for this region is from May through October. The most popular time to take a Canada & New England cruise is during the fall. This is because by going in the fall, you have the opportunity to see the famous Fall Foliage, the beautiful color changing of the seemingly endless tree- and mountain-filled landscapes.

Canada & New England cruises are most popular among adults, especially experienced cruisers that are looking for something new. Not too many children will typically be on such a cruise, as families tend to go most often to beach destinations (such as the Caribbean and Mexico).

The more common ports of call visited during a Canada & New England cruise include Bar Harbor, ME; Boston, MA; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Portland, ME; Quebec City, Quebec; Saint John, New Brunswick and Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Canada and New England Cruises
Cruise Reviews
Canada and New England Cruises

Popular departure ports for Canada & New England cruises:
Baltimore (Maryland), Boston (Massachusetts), Cape Liberty/Bayonne (New Jersey), Montreal (Quebec), New York, Norfolk (Virginia), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Quebec City (Quebec)

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