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Destination Overview

Contrary to the belief of many, Bermuda is not located in the Caribbean. Bermuda is actually a British overseas territory that's located in the Atlantic Ocean, north of the Caribbean. Also surprising to many is that Bermuda's real name is actually the Front Street, in HamiltonBermuda Islands, as there are 138 islands in this territory.

Bermuda enjoys lots of return tourists, as it offers a very relaxed vacation destination for those that visit. Among the most popular things to do while in Bermuda are going to the island's pink sand beaches (like Horseshoe Bay Beach) to enjoy the sun, sand and blue waters. Also popular in Bermuda is fishing, playing golf at its many world-class courses (like the currently under renovation Port Royal Golf Course), dining, museum-visiting and shopping. Be aware, if you decide to drive a vehicle while in Bermuda, that the proper side of the road to drive on is the left, which is a result of their British influence.

Many cruise ships that port in Bermuda stay there overnight. In fact, most ships actually stay for two or three nights! This allows for cruise passengers to truly experience the island and is great since they don't have to worry about making it back to the ship at a certain time (except for the last day, of course).

Cruise Lines in Bermuda
Among the leaders in Bermuda cruising are Royal Caribbean (featuring Explorer of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas and Grandeur of the Seas), Norwegian Cruise Line (with their Norwegian DGolf in Bermudaawn, Norwegian Majesty and Norwegian Spirit), Celebrity Cruises (back to Bermuda, with Celebrity Summit, after a couple of years away) and, new to Bermuda, Holland America Line (with its Veendam). Carnival Cruise Lines features a limited choice of Bermuda cruises (typically only one sailing per year, departing from New York City).

Popular Ports of Call
There are three main ports of call for cruise ships visiting Bermuda, King's Wharf, Hamilton and. St. George's. King's Wharf (located in a region of Bermuda known as the West End) is typically used by larger ships that are unable to port elsewhere in Bermuda. Horseshoe Bay Beach, the most popular beach in Bermuda, is located in this area, as is Elbow Beach. Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, is quite popular for shopping (particularly on Front Street, the city's main strip that gets quite lively during the evening). Also in Hamilton are a few great golf courses, like the aforementioned Port Royal Golf Course, as well as The Fairmont Southampton Golf Club. St. George's, the original capital of Bermuda, was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List in 2000. In addition to the many historic buildings in this town, there's also a few great beaches (like Tobacco Bay) and the Bermuda Perfumery.

When's the Best Time To Go?
The cruising season in Bermuda is from April through October. As far as when the "best time to go" is, it really on what Elbow Beachyour priorities are. If you're a price-driven consumer, then you'd want to stay away from mid-June through mid-August Bermuda cruises. The prices during those times are typically higher than the rest of the year because families travel more while kids are out of school. The "off season" for Bermuda is generally considered to be April through May, and from September through October.

As far as temperature goes, Bermuda has a subtropical climate. In fact, Bermuda has the same latitude as parts of the U.S. state of Georgia. In comparison, Bermuda typically has slightly cooler summers and warmer winters than that region of Georgia. Winters in Bermuda are mild, with temperatures in January and February in the high sixties (Fahrenheit). During the summer, temperatures approach the high eighties (Fahrenheit), and it can get quite humid. Bermuda has been susceptible to hurricanes, which are most likely to occur from August through October.

Popular departure ports for Bermuda cruises:
Baltimore (Maryland), Boston (Massachusetts), Cape Liberty/Bayonne (New Jersey), Charleston (South Carolina), New York (New York), Norfolk (Virginia), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

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