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Because of the extremely cold temperatures and the remote location, Antarctica is not one of the most popular cruise destinations. However, Antarctica is actually a great cruise destination. It is exciting, filled with interesting wildlife and is an excellent solution for the experienced traveler looking for something truly different.

Since there are no hotels or real tourist locations within the Antarctica land mass, a cruise is really an ideal solution to vacationing in this region. Travel to this region by tourists is typically between November and February, so it's a short season.

There are a few South America cruises that visit Cape Horn. Cape Horn is widely considered to be the most southern tip of South America. Because Cape Horn is so close to Antarctica, this type of cruise is sometimes listed along with Antarctica cruises. Many, many years ago, before the creation of the Panama Canal, it was necessary to sail around Cape Horn to travel from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean (and vice versa). The waters in this region are rougher than usual, so it was considered hazardous in some cases. Although the waters in the Antarctic region are more turbulent than other regions, today's cruise ships can handle the waters there and offer a truly unique experience for travelers.

Antarctica Cruises
Cruise Reviews
Antarctica Cruise Reviews

Popular departure ports for Antarctica cruises:
Buenos Aires (Argentina), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Ushuaia (Argentina), Valparaiso/Santiago (Chile)

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