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CruisEvolution (pronounced Cruise Evolution) is an exciting online community run by experienced travelers. The purpose of CruisEvolution is to provide the general public with a free source of quality unbiased information covering all aspects of the cruising industry, including cruise reviews, up-to-the-minute cruise news, cruise destination information and special cruise deals. Most of all, CruisEvolution is happy to provide its users with free access to an online community filled with all types of travelers, from "newbies" to "vets."

Besides maintaining our online community and updating the website daily, our staff is constantly traveling all around the world, experiencing more and more every day, helping to provide our community members with the most current and accurate cruise reviews and destination information possible. Besides the cruise and port reviews provided by our staff, there are also "Reader Reviews," which are cruise reviews provided to us by people like you. Such contributions are highly valued and help grow our online community every day.

Where does our name come from? Good question! CruisEvolution refers to the ever-changing cruise industry. Today's cruise ships are a world apart from those of even ten years ago...they're
evolving! From the technology driving the ships, the cuisine, the onboard enrichment programs, the entertainment and more, today's cruise vacations are continually evolving.

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Also included in many of the newsletters are the latest and most interesting news items concerning the cruising industry. For example, when a new ship comes out we'll be sure to let you know everything there is to know about it right away.

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